Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Survival Course

Do you have a plan for your immediate and extended family? 
Does your family know how to put the plan into action? 

One of the scariest things to consider is how do you keep your family safe when a disaster strikes? Have you thought through the scenarios? 

I'm one of those crazy people who walks around my house and constantly plays scenarios in my head - how I will protect my children and family. How do I coordinate with family when we're at our job, school or around town. What are our rendezvous points and plan of action? 

These are all things you SHOULD consider when making a plan for your family's safety during crisis time. It's a very scary thing to think of, but as law enforcement and military techniques teach officers/enlistees, your brain does not know the difference between actual and imagined scenarios. When you run these things through your head, your brain is storing this information into reactive "memory muscle" groups which allow you to react immediately without hesitation if/when the SHTF.

Keeping your family safe is of utmost importance. Making plans, teaching plans, all in advance is something you should do today! Have a game plan, have a back up plan, and have a back up for the back up plan! 

One thing I would highly suggest is a Family Survival Course. Survival classes are a great way to increase your knowledge. In a crisis moment, the biggest asset you have is YOUR BRAIN! If you have the knowledge and know how to survive, you will be better off than 99% of the people around you. Many people will panic when the SHTF, but you and your family, by running through scenarios, making plans and back up plans, and taking courses will help you to prepare yourself MENTALLY to weather the coming disaster! 

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