Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Disaster Strikes...
You have 30 minutes before ALL of the shelves in the grocery store are cleared out...
Will you find yourself empty handed or prepared for the coming disaster?


There's a lot to be said about the recent media attention that the preparedness community is receiving. Many preppers, self-reliant or survivalist communities are preparing for a coming disaster.

These coming disasters may vary on scale or origin, but all have the underlying theme of not being caught with your pants down. Many people watched that TV show on Nat Geo "Doomsday Preppers" and thought they were a bunch of nut jobs. Some of them probably are, but not all of them. Many are every day folks who are gathering food items, supplies, weapons, skills and knowledge to weather the coming disaster they foresee. With Hurricane Sandy hitting the eastern seaboard, these preppers didn't seem so crazy. In fact, I think those folks who experienced the devastation of Sandy were hoping that one of their neighbors happened to be a closet prepper.

Whether you are a new prepper or an old school survivalist, it is good to take stock of what you have on hand. There's a great ebook on the marketplace called "Sold Out After Crisis". If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you should! It's a great refresher course for those who have been stockpiling supplies for decades and a great resource for beginners.

Here are a few things the author covers: 

  • The first food item that will fly off the shelf, (obviously it's impossible to survive without this) so I'll tell you exactly where to get it before the general public – and how to store it securely…
  • How to practically "smell" a disaster coming, and how to lockdown your supplies or get anything you're low on before the mob goes crazy…
  • Keep your family from being attacked and robbed by buying these items before they're "on the radar"…
As a reminder, most seasoned preppers will tell you that you only have 30 Minutes to get to a store before it's completely sold out of goods when a coming disaster is expected. Think Hurricane Sandy - like the pic above. Or if you live in the Rocky Mountains like I do, any time we're expecting several feet of snow, the grocery stores are packed and the shelves are cleared at the major grocery chains.

It's time to start taking control of your circumstances - not be the victim hoping that FEMA will bail you out. They won't! (Remember the FEMA office sign when Sandy hit: Closed due to weather!) Take charge, survive and thrive in the coming disaster!

If you would like more information on what to stockpile before the coming disaster in America, I would highly recommend you that you check out this ebook by clicking here. 

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