Tuesday, November 20, 2012


How to survive without ever leaving your home! 
You have most likely heard the terms "bug in" or "bug out". Staying put or getting out of Dodge when a disaster strikes. 
Let's talk about "bugging in" from an Urban location. I realize that not every one has the ability to up and move to a rural location pre-SHTF. Personally, I would if you had the chance. Pack up and move to a safe, low-density population area with water, hunting, food, etc. if you are able. 
Now for those who aren't able and are staying put and live in an URBAN area, let's talk a bit about urban survival needs. 
Imagine you live in Brooklyn, New York, work down in Manhattan for your day job, going to school at NYU Stern and that's life as you know it. Now, something larger than life happens in NYC. Think bigger than 9/11. Unless you have served in a military capacity in a volatile area, 9/11 is about as worst as most Americans can imagine in their minds. But let's say that 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy hit all at the same time. Oh crap! Yes, put all those disasters into one giant catastrophic event and you have what I'm thinking. 

The city is in chaos. The streets are blocked so you can't take a cab; you are on the metro and you are able to get a few blocks from home - so you truck it back home by foot. The grocery stores and street vendors are closed. People are screaming, there is looting going on, and well, the SHTF big time. 

You close yourself and lock the door behind you in your second story brownstone apartment. Praying, watching out the window, praying some more, and texting every known relative that you are home and safe and are going to wait it out. 

There is utter chaos outside. What do you do? Do you have a survival plan? Do you have compatible plans with your current living situation and easily adaptable for real life situations? Now think you are traveling for business and you need to stay put? What do you do? 

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